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Marijuana Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Researcher Suspects

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FREE THE WEED for scientific research, man.

“ .. if you do anything, such as smoke a bunch of marijuana in your 20s and 30s, you may wipe out all of the inflammation in your brain and then things start over again. And you simply die of old age before inflammation becomes an issue for you,” Wenk states.  

back off man I'm a scientist meme imgur

Holy smokes, this is legit:

Inflammation plays a major role in not only Alzheimer’s, but ALS, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, dementia, multiple sclerosis, autism, schizophrenia, etc. Taking anti-inflammatories has preventative effects in the brain, Wenk says. And cannabis is among the oldest, strongest, cheapest, safest anti-inflammatories there is. THC also directly works on the Alzheimer’s disease cycle.

More than five million Americans have Alzheimer’s today. One in three seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, and Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the nation, costing America about $203 billion in 2013.

How are we supposed to know what marijuana is medicinal for if it's illegal to do marijuana research?

Inflammation. Inflammation. Inflammation.  ALL metabolic disease is either the result of, or caused by, inflammation .

Yes, they've really been on the inflammation kick lately, I believe this too shall pass ;)

So you don't believe that inflammation correlates with these diseases?

It just seems very over hyped right now.  Many people are selling books about it, and products.  I think it's very over simplistic,  our bodies are more complex than that, many things cause illness and disorder in the body.  People are always looking for an easy answer to what ails them, this is just the latest answer in a long line.

I think of inflammation studies as truly breakthrough.

They are breakthrough, but I agree with Janill that simply saying "inflammation" is an oversimplification.

Still, I am optimistic that there will be more interesting research in this area in the coming years.

Why are we so "in flamed"?

Treat the causes not the conditions. When you treat causes you tend to prevent by not doing. 

If you use THC to treat inflammation, you will create confusion issues which causes other disease like mental illness.  (Anxiety, paranoia, depression.....)

That said cannabinoids are so superior to opioids for daily use  

Are the causes what we ingest?

And yes, I'm getting a sense that the cannabinoids do have healing properties.

"Treat the causes not the conditions."  Aren't there many causes of inflammation?  I agree if you are saying to AVOID things that CAUSE inflamation and to DO things that REDUCE inflammation.

I was wondering if what causes inflammation boils down to what we consume.

hahaha!  and to think cheech and chong had it right all along!

cheech and Ching up in smoke gif imgur

They just knew they liked it. They probably didn't realize the medicinal properties.

true.  :)  plus, smoking isn't good for you no matter what you're smoking.  but i hear juicing cannabis is extremely beneficial and has no psychoactive effects.

There are also strains of marijuana you can buy that have no psychoactive properties.

Which makes me wonder why THOSE are illegal.

Among the people I know who use marijuana for inflammation, most prefer not to smoke it.

They'll either use ingestables (not just juices but it can be baked into lots of things) or vaporizers:

From a nursing perspective, inflammation is a symptom, not a disease, infection, or injury; which all of those can be the cause of the inflammation.  As a symptom inflammation can cause problems in it's own right, it can swell an area, put pressure on surrounding tissues, and cause pain, it also is a signal to us, that something is amiss, and we might want to look into it.  It can be acute or chronic, it is helpful to treat it, but you really need to treat the underlying issue to make what's causing it go away. 

inflammation /in·flam·ma·tion/ (in″flah-ma´shun) a protective tissue response to injury or destruction of tissues, which serves to destroy, dilute, or wall off both the injurious agent and the injured tissues. The classical signs of acute inflammation are pain (dolor), heat (calor), redness (rubor), swelling (tumor), and loss of function (functio laesa).inflam´matory.

It looks like there is some Auto-inflammatory diseases  , but I would argue that those are diseases with the hallmark symptom of inflammation.

This is all my rusty nurses opinion, and I also watched some guy on PBS during a fund drive, and he really came off to me like a snake oil salesman, so it lowered my opinion of those coming out with the inflammatory model.

Ok so inflammation is the indication that something is wrong.

It's the causes of inflammation that need to be targeted to cure.

While we research that, it's clear that marijuana assuages some inflammation.

Perhaps it does so by assuaging some causes of inflammation?

i like where you're going here...

perhaps it does.  maybe it really is going straight to the source of inflammation rather than the symptom.  i guess the point is: it's helping.  we are discovering that marijuana is far more beneficial than the original timber, newspaper, and alcohol businessmen thought when they had it outlawed in 1937 because it threatened their markets.

thanks to the quick spread of information now, wide-held beliefs based on misinformation like this will see a quick change, i hope.  hemp is a very useful plant that could help clean up our atmosphere and reduce our use of limited resources.

Well said, Emily.

The next state to legalize it will be Alaska -- it's on the ballot this year.

55% of U.S. voters now support legalizing it.

The U.S. legalizing it is no longer a question of if. It's just a question of when.

should we make a wager? :)  $1 (just like in Trading Places!)

how many years until all 50 states have legalized marijuana?

i'm putting my money on 6 years. i say that by 2020 it will be legal all over the country.

what do you think?

2020 would be my guess, too, but everything tends to take longer than I think it will, so I will take your $1 bet and guess it will take (slightly) more than 6 years.

My guess is 2037 for all states to legalize marijuana,  that's 23 years, I'm counting on a hold out like Utah, or some state in the Deep South ;)  Just to clarify, that's not medical use?   It's totally legal for all adults?

The Bible Belt might be a very hard sell indeed. But I am convinced Joel Osteen is high most of the time; perhaps he'll trumpet the cause and the walls will fall, like Jericho's.


Janill, yes, when will it be legal for adults in all 50 states like it is right now in Washington and Colorado.

The arguments for why sooner than later:

1. 55% of U.S. adults now support legalization. That number is only going to get higher in the future.

2. The research argument: If we want to know its medicinal effects we must legalize research on it.

3. Washington and Colorado will demonstrate the huge potential as a revenue source.

Thanks for clarifying, I'll stay with my 2037 :)

oooh this is fun!  i love this wager.  if geege and janill are also in, i stand to make $3!!!

adam, you're right about the revenue the two leading states will be able to boast.  and what's the rule about predicting politics? follow the money.

geege, you're hilarious.

janill might be right about the stubborn states.  maybe we'll have 47 states by 2020 and it'll take another 17 years to get those last few.  but i'm sticking with 2020 for all 50 states.

my reasoning is that things sure are changing quickly.  i mean, just 6 years ago everyone still had a myspace page and a hotmail account.  the internet is reaching us all, and so is the information it's spreading.  the demonization of marijuana is quickly coming to a halt.  when it starts curing cancer and bringing in billions of dollars, everyone will want in.

I love the phrase "when it starts curing cancer and bringing in billions of dollars".

I must say that phrase every day.

I do wonder which states will be the most stubborn.

Because it looks like North Carolina and Mississippi have taken a step in the right direction:

map next states to legalize marijuana Imgur

From this map, the only state not bordering a more permissive state is... Florida!

uh oh!  looks like i've got some local campaigning to do.  these floridians need to build their hurricane-proof homes out of hempcrete!

and you know it WILL cure cancer and bring in billions of dollars!  and then we can all roll our eyes at how silly we were, and mourn our losses, and the stoners will be laughing all the way to the bank. (well, maybe not the stoners... but the businessmen who sell their weed!)

Emily, I hope to look back at this one day and say, "You were so right!"

so do i.  it'll mean i'll be three dollars richer!

adam, geege, janill, wager is ON!

Oh it's ON, Emily. 

And I for one hope I have to pay you that dollar!

It's 2016 and we are still waiting on most of the country to catch up and legalize it. 

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