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Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate Creationism


2 hrs 45 min of debating.  I'm watching it in pieces ;) (it starts 13 minutes in)

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Worth watching all two hours? What stands out most from this debate?

I'll let you know, if I finish watching it ;)

No it is not. It is hard to debate matters of faith. Mostly likely you will side with the guy who you share closest belief with. 

at best, this debate may sway impressionable youths away from their current belief toward the other. 

So it's not really a debate. It's really both people giving talking points to their people.

Yep, most people will stick with what they lean towards already.

Creationists reply:

Creationists respond to the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate. CHECKMATE ATHIESTS - Imgur

I did like this line:

there are trees older than you think earth is meme Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate Imgur

And this:

what would cause you to change your mind bill Nye meme ken ham Imgur

Ken Ham quote oh btw I made the stars meme Imgur

I'm 1 hr in, so far I like that there is some humor, and the speakers are calm, civilized, and kind.  It's not just 2 angry arguing men. 

A lot of discussion and disagreement about the age of the Earth; which is stated on Wikipedia to be 4.5 Billion years old  and is accepted as scientific fact by the majority of people.  The Creationists including Ken Ham believe the Earth is only 6000 years old. 

It was hard for me at one time to grasp this huge amount of time, especially since I do not have any background in geology or evolutionary science, so the whole concept went over my head, but I watched this Nova series last year, Australia: The First 4 Billion Years, and it really helped me understand how everything transpired.  Below is a link to the first episode, it also is available on Netflix.

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