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PETA dogging S.F. over plan to pair pups, homeless | San Francisco Examiner

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SF is in the doghouse with PETA. Oh no!

Is PETA over reacting here? Seems like it:

But for PETA’s leaders, this is yet another step in San Francisco’s recent backsliding on compassion. The organization has denounced the proposal as experimenting with the lives of puppies; in fact, PETA has called WOOF nothing more than a game of “Russian roulette.”

PETA is a well funded group of trolls. In real life, just like on the internet, the best thing to do is ignore trolls.

They bug me less than HSUS though. Presumably people giving money to PETA know that it will most likely get get spent on fundraising, lobbying and media stunts because that's what PETA does. It is also what HSUS does, but if you look at their fund raising material you'd be forgiven for assuming they run your local animal shelters.

PETA are at least honest about it.

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