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7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual

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Whoa, slow down!  Too fast, I can not read lol

On link, you can click through pictures, and see the movement displayed, and a description at the bottom :)

Plus there's this:

That link has each move as an individual gif.

Well that is helpful too :)

A few of the better moves:

Their virtual manual includes nine gestures in all. To perform “The Critical Whirl,” simply circle your hand counterclockwise in a small but rapid motion towards the audience. “Accelerate and repeat until idea unpacked,” the website tells us. It’s one of the more basic maneuvers, suitable for both formal academic settings and conversations about the means of production over a glass of wine.

On the more advanced end, you have something like “The Shelf Sweep,” a two handed maneuver that involves pushing aside the contents of an imaginary bookcase and then quickly sweeping aside the contents of the shelf below it in an opposite direction. “Use when explaining hierarchies,” the manual reads.

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