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Anthrax has hit Glasgow: the story of a desperate hunt for its source (Wired UK)

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Anthrax in heroin .. What a terrible combination.

The anthrax may have come from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, where the raw material for 90 percent of the world's heroin supply is grown. Alternatively, the contamination may have occurred after the poppy harvesting, at some stage in the manufacturing process, typically carried out at labs in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It may also have happened after the heroin entered Scotland: a trafficker may have stored it on a farm, burying it in soil contaminated with spores. Or the spores may have come from bonemeal, which dealers use to dilute heroin and increase their profits.

This story shows how connected the world is.

Her scars had become an unfortunate symbol of the world's interconnectedness. A goat dies of anthrax in Turkey. A young woman in a small Scottish town must always wear trousers.

"The most likely scenario is we were dealing with a single batch of heroin, and the contamination was the result of contact with a single infected goat, and that occurred in Turkey."

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