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Disney Frozen parody: Elsa "Let 'em burn" gifs

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hahaha!  oh elsa!  you're so bad!  but honestly, you look better in blue.  ;)

She really does! I'm happy for that; it makes it less likely the sequel to Frozen will be MOLTEN.

hahahaha!  molten...  that would be hilarious!

Yes! I just looked at the gifs again -- it's amazing how well the themes work with fire in place of ice.

it is amazing how good it looks!  i was wondering who had the time to do all that fire animation?!  or did he just replace the blues and whites with reds and yellows?

and then i watched "incredibles" last night with my kids. we fantasized about having super powers and which ones we'd have if we could.  (as my 4-year-old pointed out: mr. incredible is like superman, but he can't fly.  elastagirl can turn into a parachute or a boat!) i guess fire would only be destructive?  but elsa can build beautiful ice castles!!

Some people treat animation like a hobby. But yeah it took her or him a long time to do!

I love the Incredibles. One of my favorite movies of all time!

Fire could be creative if Molten Elsa is good with metalworking. She could forge all kinds of cool things!

I do think the best superpowers allow us to create things.

I think he used a tool allowing to change a colour by another here, kind of filter. He asked toshop to change all the blueish colours to their equivalent in intensity, reddish colours.

You can do these kind of things in 3 clicks when you know where to find them, and how to use them, that's where the long time is spent, learning how to use the tool. : )

And gif making tools do take a long time to master!

Oce are you on Reddit? It's fun to watch the gif masters work here:

Well GifCam is the key to most of the gif issues. Then it's mostly imagination and creativity.

Yes I am, but didn't know this sub.

I'm pretty fed up by reddit community, too much rules, elitism and hypocrisy. Plus, the uv/dv system that systematically leads to standardization of all aspects (even worse on imgur btw).

So I lurk sometimes and submit when I'm not satisfied of what my work did on other websites first.

Oce, I mostly lurk on Reddit, but I've found the HighQualityGifs community to be accepting and they genuinely want to help people make better gifs.

I really adore the folks I've met there.

Molten Elsa theme song: This girl is on fire!

Elsa meets Annie!




what's happening?




Elsa and Annie are evolving into...

image-52f4c247a8a88-E6Go.gif image-52f4c248e4748-isYX.gif








I will submit it to imgur later. : P

That's brilliant, Oce. Please let me know when you do and I will upvote!

Cool, I Upvoted you, but as always it's impossible to get out of user sub.

Btw Emily in another comment on this page wants to know: "i was wondering who had the time to do all that fire animation?!  or did he just replace the blues and whites with reds and yellows?"

very cool!  i did not know about filters and such.  but i have had to learn how to animate a bit on flash, and it is amazing how much time it took to learn the simplest things.  and then, like you say oce, once you've got it, it's quick and easy.  it's the learning it that takes so long!  (kind of like everything in life, right?)

Oh, flash animation is a whole higher level of gif making. That I never tried personaly. ^^

99% of the gif creators use videos as the base, and add something to it, that doesn't require hardcore animation.

Common example: adding an upvote arrow flying somewhere else in a movie scene, or simply static text.

I'm working on a cute one, I will link it here if you guys are curious. : P

We are definitely curious!

of course we're curious! plus, i'll show you mine if you show me yours!

And you're definitely right that it's the learning that takes so long. For everything in life.

The key is to not give up when it becomes difficult to make progress.

Looks like Anna has been practicing with fire, too:

Everything comes back to Imgur multiple times:

Frozen Elsa let it burn gif Imgur

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