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Pet Squirrel Hides His Nut in the Fur of a Bernese Mountain Dog

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Shouldn't that dog be all...

up dog squirrel gif

The dog is pretty patient ;)

Heh. Yeah. Most dogs be like...

dog gif Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel Imgur

squirrel dog nut bro gif imgur

It cracks me up when the squirrel uses his hands trying to bury it! lol

Me too! That's why I added the second gif. Too funny!

The squirrel is like "Nothing to see here!  Move along!"

I laughed out loud thinking of the squirrel saying that, Geege!


Look at those people hands.  LOOK AT THEM!


Kitty's like, enough already!

That's a common kitty thing to say!

My cat says it all the time, with his eyes ;)

Especially if you rub his belly!

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