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Secret app for iPhone / SecretApp Twitter is getsecret

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I installed Secret while drinking.

Played with it for 2 minutes and got bored.

So bored that I didn't even post on Secret that I'm bored with Secret.

Not recommended.

As you can see above, it just gives people a forum for being mean and sad.

If Snapchat, Jelly, Nextdoor, Whisper, and Secret are the best mobile apps today, that's really sad.

I did like the Rap Genius secret above though.

The thing that this app makes so clear is that there aren't any secrets in our business. Anyone who couldn't intuit from 2 minutes or less of video that the Rap Geniuses are douches, Tumblr's deal was necessary but not happy-making for the former employees, Morin is a zero, and VCs are all fakers... well son, you just don't have what it takes to choose a startup to work at.

Good point.

One thing not clear from these screenshots is how Secret the app won't shut up.

No exaggeration, it sent me hundreds of notifications today.

I tried turning off notifications but that didn't shut Secret up, so I had to delete it.

Craziness continues:

7 Job Offers From Secret - Business Insider

A lot of Silicon Valley is addicted to Adderall. And Provigil.

Silicon Valley Startups Addicted to Adderall and Provigil

People have asked me where their website is:

Download Secret app for iPhone here

Secret App Twitter:

And now Secret has added $11 million. 

From Google Ventures and KPCB:

Secret is now worth $50 million. Really?!

Currently 10-20% of Secret users create content:

I'm pretty sure that's not sustainable at scale. 

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