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Privacy "LinkedIn shutting down its controversial Intro service"

When LinkedIn introduced a new service called Intro in October last year, I made my opinion pretty clear: “No thanks. My email security is too important”.

The good news is that LinkedIn announced today that it will be shutting down Intro next month, little over four months after it was introduced.

If you remember, the business networking website announced LinkedIn Intro as “doing the impossible on iOS”, injecting HTML code into the top of the emails you receive on your iPhone so you could view someone’s LinkedIn profile alongside the message they have sent you.


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I'm not sure I would call Intro controversial.

It's really hard on a smartphone to include a link to a LinkedIn profile when you're emailing.

But I guess rather than use this app, people just decided not to do it at all.

Which is kind of a shame, it means that fewer introductions will happen as a result.

I gather they would need to find another solution down the road

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