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The Right Drink for Every Situation

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No booze in any of these?!?!? what what

They do have a Dr. Panda recommendation: Ginger Ale!

Sick to your stomach? Maybe drinking all that pickle juice to quell muscle cramps did you in. Even though kicking back fluids may be the last activity on the want-to-do list, stick to clear liquids — like water and ginger ale — and sports drinks to get the body some much-needed hydration [13] [14]Ginger ale may also do the trick since ginger root can help treat nausea. (Pro tip: Flat soda will be easier on the stomach without that carbonation.)

They do recommend booze for falling asleep:

To Fall Asleep — Tart Cherry Juice/Warm Milk/Chamomile

Brandy used to be the go-to sedative in the medical community during the 19th century [24]. A hot whiskey (or seven) before bed may soothe you into dreamland, but for an alcohol-free drink, try tart cherry juice. It ups melatonin levels, which help improve sleep duration and sleep quality [25]. Chamomile can also help ease you into a deep sleep [26].

These are my favorites:

To Build Muscle — Milk

Milk can get you jacked. Bro or not, milk contains the proteins whey and casein (both have all the essential amino acids) that help build muscle [1].

To Lose Weight — Green Tea/Grapefruit Juice

Turn to the world’s most widely consumed beverage, green tea, which can help control weight by slightly enhancing metabolism (with four cups a day) [2] [3]. Grapefruit juice has also been shown to have weight loss benefits, and eating ½ a grapefruit with each meal showed greater benefits than juice alone [4].

To Recover — Water/Chocolate Milk/Sports Drink

Most important after a workout: Drink water to replace water or sweat losses [5].Chocolate milk can also help the body recover after exercise because of its carb-to-protein ratio (four to one) [6]. Or try making your own sports drink — with carbs, sodium, potassium, and sometimes a hint of protein — for a cheaper, more natural (less fluorescent alternative).

For a Run — Water/Tart Cherry Juice/Coconut Water

Water should be the first go-to, but longer runs (90 minutes or more) may require a sports drink like Gatorade to replace lost sodium and other electrolytes [7]. Drinking tart cherry juice for a week before a strenuous run can minimize post-run muscle pain, too [8] [9]. But it doesn't always have to take that long. Tart cherry juice can also improve muscle recovery when it's consumed immediately after a workout [10]. Coconut water has been found to offer the same hydration and exercise endurance support as the leading sports drink, but with fewer calories [11].

For Muscle Cramps — Pickle Juice

If you can stomach it, pickle juice might help alleviate Charlie horses — painful muscle spasms, usually in the legs. Those same cramp-fighting properties can also help people prevent painful contractions from even occurring. Research suggests the juice may even help our muscles and brains communicate better when fatigued[12].

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