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Biathletes Meet Strict Gun Control in Sochi -

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The same country that brought you FPSRussia!

I'm surprised they allowed the event to happen.

"It's a sport that requires you to hit something the size of an Oreo cookie at 50 yards while you're at maximum physical exertion," Team USA's Lowell Bailey said. "You need a rifle that fits you absolutely perfectly."

It's a very popular event steeped in long historical tradition.  Just like Summer's Pentathalon.  Why wouldn't they allow the event to happen?

Because the pentathalon does not have firearms. Yet.

As an aside, it might be fun to have a summer Olympics game that involves fire.

Pentathalon uses firearms!  How else do they do the shooting?

Oh shoot!

I need to start watching that event... Thanks for the tip, Greg!

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