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Republican job creation?

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The Republicans have no plan for job creation other than "lower taxes and jobs will magically appear".

They did block the one bill that would have created more jobs for policemen, firemen, and teachers.

So what has the 112th Congress been doing with its time?

I wondered that, too.

If memory serves me correctly the Democrats had the Whitehouse, The Senate, and the House for 2 years. Senator Reid has not passed a budget in over three years. The labor force for the US has increased by only 138,000... in four years.

Additionally - Aren't firemen, policemen, and teacher jobs created at the state and local level? Why would the Federal Government be involved in that?

#justsayin&askin ;-)

The Federal Government subsidizes the states. Always has, always will.

When states run deficits, they cut local subsidies, and that's how policemen, firemen, and teachers get laid off.

And you're right that all of Congress is to blame for this mess. The political axe swings both ways.

What's changed in the last few years is that it's gotten a lot more nasty and a lot more fillibustery.

Ultimately, government can't create jobs, so both candidates are full of it if they say they have a plan to create jobs. That really depends on things out of their control -- the corporations.

Bingo - Government can't create jobs, so both candidates are full of it. Isn't it about time that Americans on both sides say to Govt - Look. Just go sit down and get out of our way. We'll show you how jobs are created.

As for the Fed Govt subsidizing states. Where does the Fed get the money from to subsidize the states? Us and haven't we had enough of that failure?

Someone has to pay for police, firemen, and teachers,

States are struggling and local municipalities lack the funds. Only the federal government has the ability to float the cash in the bad times.

It just has to remember to cut back during the good times.

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