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'Majorité Opprimée': It's a woman's world

A French feminist dared to depict what life would be like for an ordinary man in a female-dominated world.'Majorité Opprimée': It's a woman's world - Features - Films - The Independent

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"Imagine a world where it is the women who pee in the street, jog bare-chested and harass and physically assault the men. Such a world has just gone viral on the internet. A nine-minute satirical film made by Eleonoré Pourriat, the French actress, script-writer and director, has clocked up hundreds of thousands of views in recent days.

The star of the short film is Pierre, who is played very convincingly by Pierre Bénézit. He is a slightly gormless stay-at-home father, who spends a day besieged by the casual or aggressive sexism of women in a female-dominated planet. The film, in French with English subtitles, begins in a jokey way and turns gradually, and convincingly, nasty. It is not played for cheap laughs. It has a Swiftian capacity to disturb by the simple trick of reversing roles."

I don't know if this behavior is more common in France, but I don't believe this is the norm in the US anymore, not to say it doesn't happen, but just not as common as it once was, ours is more subtle now.

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