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Goodyear replacing blimps with Zeppelins in 2014

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Goodyear is making the switch to Zeppelin LZ N07 – 101 model airships starting in 2014. Each airship + technical support costs about $21 million each.

"Our current airships are approaching the end of their lifecycle, and we saw this as an opportunity to take the next evolutionary step in our airship program" - Nancy Jandrokovic, Goodyear’s director of Global Airship Operations

The Goodyear blimp will no longer be a blimp!

Remind me again what the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin is?

It's like the difference between a jellyfish and a bony fish.

Also... I believe that Goodyear used to make the blimps themselves... each one was a custom job. So in essence they are outsourcing.

The structure inside a Zeppelin hull:

Zeppelin hull

What is the best dirigible to buy on a budget?

Why aren't blimps used for commercial travel anymore?

How can I get to fly a blimp? It's on my bucket list!

The Exploratorium helps explain the difference between an airship, a blimp, and a zeppelin.


Perhaps I should stick with Hot Air Balloons...

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