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The Permanent Tomorrow with Brant Cooper & Patrick... - Eventbrite

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Brant Cooper and (@brantcooper) and Patrick Vlaskovits (@pv) will be presenting their vision of a Permanent Tomorrow and the coming wave of disruption to all industries from their new book (

If I don't have the attention span to read the description of the event, does that mean this event is not for me?

Enjoyed Eric Ries asking crowd who attended last LSC event how many had actually read his whole book. Honestly, less than half.

Re the event - F2F communication is always more powerful. Whether or not it's powerful enough to hold attention... shiny?

If it was even close to half, I'm impressed. Readers are hard to find.

I do love shiny things, though. ;)

lol... the number of readers dropped further when he asked who could remember anything other than MVP.

That's rather sad since what he's offering is a scientific method for experimenting and learning.

Lean is a lot more than MVP. Ironic that Lean is a lotta stuff. :)

To be charitable, people were there to learn lean. But agree, innovation accounting is the bomb but not simple. Although Ries always points out the even MVP doesn't mean simple, cheap or just minimal - the viable product part is key.

And you can't spell LEARN without LEAN.

Have you ever done lean for one of your projects?

heh.. I'm trying to use lean on Robot Launchpad, plus we're promoting it to the other robot startups. However, when you are bootstrapping, it's easy to confuse cheap and lean.

Correct. Cheap is not lean, and lean is often not cheap.

Which is ironic, the more I think about it.

It's the same for food, isn't it. The leaner it is, the more expensive.

Yes. It costs a lot to eat well.

That's a very good point.

Huh. You just blew my mind a little.

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