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News Corp. Ed. Division Moves Into K-12 Curriculum - Marketplace K-12 - Education Week

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Global media conglomerate News Corporation jump-started its fledgling—and mostly quiet—education division today, unveiling Amplify, a new brand for its education business that will include education software products and, in a surprising move, curriculum development.

The re-branded division will include three initial focuses, beginning with pilot programs during the upcoming school year:

assessment and data analysis, mostly through Wireless Generation, the software company News Corp. purchased a majority stake of in 2010;

a tablet-based digital learning platform that will customize content, assessments, and course materials to each student using performance data and will be delivered, at least initially, through a partnership with AT&T;

English language arts, science, and math curriculum, adapted to the Common Core State Standards. The content will be licensed from other publishers or written by Amplify in-house and combine text, interactive elements, and assessments to adapt to individual students.

"It's both a branding exercise, but beyond that it's an introduction to our vision and where we're going," Joel I. Klein, the head of the education division whose new title is Chief Executive Officer of Amplify, said in an interview.


"Anything that moves education forward is a good thing." A wise man.

I'm not convinced that Anything that moves education forward is a good thing.

If News Corporation treats Education like it treats the news, there will be less information and more propaganda.

That seems dangerous.

In other news, the Keystone Kops has announced new contracts to provide security for News Corp properties, said News Corp Supremo Rupert Murdoch, "Their style perfectly aligns with my management philosophy!"

Funny thing Adam is, I was first going to make a comment about the news and then changed my mind after considering the wise man's (mis)quote.

Now you have me curious what you were going to say, David.

Jason, as usual, it quite correct.