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San Francisco’s Class War, By the Numbers

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Breakin' down the gentrification of San Francisco, with numbers and cartoons!

One in four SF residents lives in poverty?! That's awful.

Where are they going to put another 2 million residents by 2040?!

Good question, it's hard to build up very high in the actual bay area because of the structure of the land itself. 

"We cut slots, we punch holes, we create notches in the corners of the buildings" to mitigate the effects of wind, Gill says, on tall and thin buildings alike. But there are some places where superskinnies will just never go. No matter how pitched income inequality comes to be in San Francisco, these towers will never rise there. "For areas that are seismic, the slenderer buildings are not advisable," Gill says.

It's partly a land structure problem but it's also a political problem.

The majority of people living there don't want more housing there because they don't want more congestion and also the limited supply makes the value of their homes go up.

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