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I Watched Shia LaBeouf Cry at His Weird LA Art Project #IAMSORRY - The Daily Beast

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“Are you really Shia LaBeouf?”

The bag moved. I thought he was smiling. Then I looked at his eyes. They were red and watery.

“Can you give me a sign that you’re really Shia LaBeouf?”

And that’s when it happened: LaBeouf reached up and took the bag off his head. He looked miserable. I’m pretty sure he had been crying.

We sat there silently for a few seconds, staring at each other. And then I asked my second question.

“Can I take your picture?”


“I know I’m not allowed to, so I’d like to get your permission.”


“OK, I’m gonna to take it. You can stop me if you don’t want me to.”


So I raised my iPhone and snapped a photo of LaBeouf’s famous, unmasked face.

Hard to believe this is the same guy:

shia labeouf magic gif imgur

Is this art? or is he losing it?

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