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What are some classic examples of leveraging your "competitors"?

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While in the thick of development in September, I completely missed the news that Apple's iCloud runs on Amazon AWS and Azure ( It also brings into mind the early day relationships between various shipping companies, as well as Fedex/UPS using the USPS for the last mile. What are some other classic examples of leveraging your competitors? Good to think about from a scrappy standpoint.

I gotta admit, the first two that came to mind are YouTube leveraging MySpace and LinkedIn leveraging email. :)

More recently, Instagram did an admirable job leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

OpenPhoto is a prime example -- even from a marketing perspective -- and leads the path to the future of Cloud Storage ie information banks (yet to be invented).

Huh, I never really thought of OpenPhoto as an information bank, interesting... A quick search produced this:

Information banks are sources or repositories of information. Traditional examples would include textbooks, teachers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, videotapes, videodiscs, etc. Technology expands the kinds and amount of information accessible and shorten the access paths.

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