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Federal judge dismisses Nevada ‘patient dumping’ lawsuit

Federal judge dismisses Nevada âpatient dumping' lawsuit - Our Region - The Sacramento Bee

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Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital discharged James Flavy Coy Brown via Greyhound bus last February to Sacramento, where he had no connections and no arrangements for treatment or housing waiting for him. Brown’s story was the impetus for a series of investigative reports in The Sacramento Bee that found the hospital had shipped about 1,500 psychiatric patients to states across the nation in a five year period.

Those patients were put alone on buses for trips that often spanned multiple states and days. Many were sent to cities where they had no treatment or support. Some ended up homeless in their new location. Others were violent offenders who committed crimes in their new communities.

Brown, who suffers from schizophrenia, had been living homeless in Las Vegas for years when he ended up at Rawson-Neal with symptoms of psychosis last February. He spent 72 hours in the observation unit, he later told The Bee, before a doctor told him he might enjoy “sunny California” and discharged him to the Las Vegas Greyhound station. His discharge orders noted he should be given a three-day supply of Thorazine, Klonopin and Cymbalta to treat his schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and depression, plus “Ensure and snacks for a 15-hour bus ride.

Following a bus trip that spanned multiple stops over three days, Brown arrived in Sacramento carrying his bus schedule and discharge papers from Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, the hospital’s umbrella agency. Brown said hospital staffers had told him to dial 911 when he arrived.

Instead, he wound up at the Loaves & Fishes homeless services complex on North C Street, confused and talking of suicide, according to staffers there. With their help, he made it to UC Davis Medical Center, where he spent two nights in the emergency room, while hospital staff searched for more permanent psychiatric treatment and housing. He spent time at two boarding homes in the Sacramento area before his daughter, alerted to his plight when The Bee contacted her, took him home to North Carolina, where he still lives.

I cannot believe they would do that to someone with a mental illness!

Reno, NV was doing it too, and their favorite place to send people is California, specifically San Fransisco.  I've also heard rumor that New York sent a huge amount of their homeless people to SF a couple years ago.  I'll see if I can find any proof of that.

Please do. I was wondering how San Francisco ended up with so many homeless people.

Here is a map/link to a story, of where NY bought one-way tickets to, for their homeless in 2007-2009.  Not many to California.

City Buys One-Way Tickets Home for Homeless Families -

I came across over and over again, that San Francisco has the largest population of homeless in the country, and the reasons given are the mild climate and the large amount of social programs available to the homeless.

On Wikipedia it states:  The city's homeless population has been estimated at 7,000–10,000 people, of which approximately 3,000–5,000 refuse shelter. The city spends $200 million a year on homelessness related programs.[141] On May 3, 2004,San Francisco officially began an attempt to scale back the scope of its homelessness problem by changing its strategy from cash payments to the "Care Not Cash" plan. At the same time, grassroots organizations within the Bay Area such as the Suitcase Clinic work to provide referrals for housing and employment to the homeless population. In 2010, a city ordinance was passed to disallow sitting and lying down on public sidewalks for most of the day, from 7 am until 11 pm.

Here is a 56 page comprehensive document about San Francisco's homeless problem.

2005-2013 this document states the homeless population of SF is between 6,000-7,000.

About 50% are sheltered in some way ie a shelter, jail, hospital, or other treatment facility.  The other 50% are on the street, often by choice.

Gender and Sexual Orientation

More than two thirds of survey respondents identified as male 69%, with 27% female, and 3% transgender.


Twenty‐nine percent of survey respondents identified as White/Caucasian, followed by

26% who identified as Hispanic/Latino and 24% as Black/African American.  A few places I found the amount of money spent/year on the homeless problem to be 200 million.

Top 3 causes of Homelessness:

Alcohol/Drug Use

Lost Job

Argument (friend or family asked them to leave)

So ultimately it seems like San Francisco created its homeless problem.

3000-5000 refusing shelter means there's a permanent homeless population, too.

In dismissing the lawsuit, U.S. District Court Judge James C. Mahan, whose district spans the state of Nevada, ruled that state officials didn’t compel Brown to get on a bus to Sacramento. Instead, he wrote, Nevada merely gave him the means to leave: a bus ticket.

“The coercive power of the state was not imposed on (Brown),” Mahan wrote in an 11-page decision. “There was no direct command from an individual bearing state coercive authority, nor threat of punishment if (Brown) did not travel to Sacramento.”

Nevada has a right to institute a busing policy that “best allocate(s) scarce financial resources,” Mahan added.

Well that didn't take long!  Looks like many states have tried to fix their homeless problem by shipping them to another state, they should make this illegal, it is in no way a standard of care for the homeless, many of which, if not most have mental problems.

Homeless Air: NYC Pays to Ship Homeless Back Home - ABC News

That's why Utah buying housing for its homeless is such an innovative solution.

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