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Inner speech speaks volumes about the brain -- ScienceDaily

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Whether you're reading the paper or thinking through your schedule for the day, chances are that you're hearing yourself speak even if you're not saying words out loud. This internal speech -- the monologue you "hear" inside your head -- is a ubiquitous but largely unexamined phenomenon. A new study looks at a possible brain mechanism that could explain how we hear this inner voice in the absence of actual sound.

"This work is important because this theory of internal speech is closely related to theories of the auditory hallucinations associated with schizophrenia," Scott concludes.

What westerners refuse to understand is it is all an hallucination. 

Just a matter of degrees of awareness and ability to function. 

My "hallucinations" are just as real to me as a solid person talking to me.  Every day I read that we should meditate.  Yet every accomplished meditator I know reduces self talk and at the same time has "hallucinations."  

That is sort of a problem, is it not?

When you reduce the self talk (noise) you start to see, hear and feel all sorts of things that you never thought were "real."

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