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How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp

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Fascinating article about "the perfect refugee camp", which houses 14000 Syrians in Turkey under conditions of considerable comfort if not luxury. The problem is that long-term refugee camps, in which the residents are not allowed to work or move, are becoming more and more quasi-permanent.

It's so clean:

Many of the world’s displaced live in conditions striking for their wretchedness, but what is startling about Kilis is how little it resembles the refugee camp of our imagination. It is orderly, incongruously so. Residents scan a card with their fingerprints for entry, before they pass through metal detectors and run whatever items they’re carrying through an X-ray machine. Inside, it’s stark: 2,053 identical containers spread out in neat rows. No tents. None of the smells — rotting garbage, raw sewage — usually associated with human crush and lack of infrastructure.

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