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Falling Into Business: Part II

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❝ Given that all programmers should be inherently lazy, I had this motto with the operations where anything that I would have to do more than 3x  would be automated. So I got tired of flipping through a dealer catalog and telling people on Live Chat what size to buy, so I decided to do something about it.  Enter the shopping mannequin and size-based-shopping! ❞

... sometimes you build (what you think is) the coolest shit, but it still doesn't keep a company in business...

Great lesson: "By engaging our customers 18 hours/day on live chat, we were able to hear their needs. By hearing their needs we were able to find the pain points. By finding the fit data, and building an available inventory filter based on size, we were able to show the customer what they were looking for quickly."

I also enjoyed the picture of the warm fuzzy.

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