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Google and its wonders

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Only 87% who use the Internet use search engines?? WTFO?

I was actually surprised it's that high. 

For some people the Internet is just Facebook. Or Yahoo. Or MSN. 

I like the yawning gap between 1962 and 1990. Arpanet, ftp, usenet, archie, gopher... what's that?

That is a set of arcane tools used by supergeeks. 

This infographic seems to stick to mainstream -- Google and Wikipedia. 


Do you instead?

Nope, usually I use a bunch of proxies for anon browsing, Tor network and other stuff.Is this search engine same level as Bing or Google?

No, they index many fewer sites. But they do not cookie and their big thing is anonymous searching.

Do you know ? I can google through , so what would be the advantage of

That it's not googling. Different search engine, supposedly less biased by commercial interests.

Ok good point.

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