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Google Admits Google+ Was Just A Ploy To Track Your Behavior Online

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Nitasha Tiku of Valleywag on the NYT article:

As a social network, Google+ is just a bunch of empty circles spinning in a barren wasteland. But Google could give a fuck if consumers prefer Facebook. What the $400 billion data vacuum really wanted, reports The New York Timesis to track everything you do online and sell that personal information to advertisers.

No shock there. Critics saw this coming as far back as 2011 when Google+ started forcing profiles to use their real names and Google+ suddenly became your sign-in for other Google services. But the company finally confessed their long con to theTimesalbeit with a corporate spin:

"Google Plus gives you the opportunity to be yourself, and gives Google that common understanding of who you are," said Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product management for Google Plus.

Since it launched, the type of data Google+ collects has become even more valuable—and Google is getting better at collecting it than Facebook, reports the Times:

The reason is that once you sign up for Plus, it becomes your account for all Google products, from Gmail to YouTube to maps, so Google sees who you are and what you do across its services, even if you never once return to the social network itself [...]

Thanks to Plus, Google knows about people's friendships on Gmail, the places they go on maps and how they spend their time on the more than two million websites in Google's ad network. And it is gathering this information even though relatively few people use Plus as their social network.

They're no longer even trying to hide it. 

"You're damn right we're tracking you everywhere so we can serve you better ads."

I suspect the whole google docs thing is the same way. Seems like the moto "do not be evil" extends to "do not compete with Facebook, Microsoft, DropBox,"....

It sure does seem like Google wants to know as much as possible about everyone:

I hate the Google product for this.  So irritating to keep trying to force me to sign in to Youtube with my full name, instead of the user name that I created, and the worst part, they keep asking me to switch to my full name over and over, and over again!

The cofounder of YouTube feels the same way:

YouTube Cofounder Leaves First Comment in 8 Years Clowning Google+

That's the first comment he left in 8 years.

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