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68 inspirational picture quotes to kick start your day

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Haha, that first one is great Martina! Which other ones do you like?

68 is a peculiar number. 

Hi Adam, I do love the first one by Einstein too! Actually, it is funny because '68 reminds me of the year when former Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia (where I was born) - but I am not sure why author chose that number :)

I guess the author just kept finding pictures until s/he lost interest.

You're right, this one is good:

Einstein quote I am thankful to those who said no it's because of them I did it myself

A lot of good ones!

Any particular favorites?

bruce lee quote do not pray for an easy life

you dont become a failure until youre satisfied with being one

Gerry Spence Quote I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief

Miles Davis Quote do not fear mistakes there are none

Never Quit Quote pain is temporary quitting lasts forever

before you Judge Me make sure youre perfect Quote

believe you can and youre halfway there