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One officer's opinion: Marines who can't do pullups are 'broke or lazy'

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The headlines claim that females are weak. Let’s fix it. Welcome to 2014, when every Marine is expected to pull his or her own weight. Literally, that’s the challenge: pull your own weight up to the bar (repeat 3 times).

If you are a female Marine and are performing pullups like a motivator should, do them in public whenever and wherever you can. Females on the pullup bar exposes your brothers to the miracle of female upper-body strength, and it also serves as peer pressure for your sisters.

This is good?

i would like to believe so. it is a good physical test

Wow! So, can I make a conclusion that if I can not do pull ups I can be qualified as 'broke or lazy' Marine? Wow, I never though I'd qualify to be a Marine. Even 'broke or lazy':)

It takes a very special person to be a marine.

One year it was my fitness goal to do ONE pullup. Failed. I had a brain aneurysm that year tho, so I doubt I could qualify to be a Marine anyway. :)

maybe not a Marine, but Joyce, I can help you get to that pull up

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