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The Incredible Benefits of Introducing Others | LinkedIn

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Relationship experts will tell you that introducing others builds your network. The more people you connect, the more those people will talk about you, your work and interests, and how they can help you in return.

But I’d like to suggest there is a far more compelling reason to do this: you can make good things happen in the world around you, and doing so will give more meaning to your life.

Consider these possibilities:

  • Who can help another person you know?
  • Who could use help from another?
  • Whose personalities or goals might mesh well?
  • Who lives or works close to each other?
  • Who is lonely?
  • Who needs a break from their kids, colleagues or routine?

That is really well-said.

Make connections. Take the initiative. Bring people together. You don't have to take them out to dinner or spend money. Just introduce good people to other good people. You will benefit in more ways than you will ever be able to count.

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