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The Manhattan Projects - Comic Book Resources

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Haha: "No one likes a prodigy, Doctor Feynman."

Einstein & Feynm♥n vs Oppenheimer

I don't remember that version of history, but cool.

Well this is comics, and it's some kind of parallel crazy universe, not historically accurate at all!

Einstein was one of the scientists who made Roosevelt start the Manhattan project, mostly in fear that Nazis would have it first, but he later changed his mind and did a new (famous) letter to dissuade him to continue it, didn't work, Nippon remembers.

Feynman was a young super genius student by that time, and as all the brilliant *Allied* physicists of this period,  he was drag in the project. He said he justified his contribution in fear of the Nazis atomic bomb, like Einstein:

<< Feynman alludes to his thoughts on the justification for getting involved in the Manhattan project in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. He felt the possibility of Nazi Germany developing the bomb before the Allies was a compelling reason to help with its development for the U.S. He goes on to say, however, that it was an error on his part not to reconsider the situation once Germany was defeated. In the same publication, Feynman also talks about his worries in the atomic bomb age, feeling for some considerable time that there was a high risk that the bomb would be used again soon, so that it was pointless to build for the future. Later he describes this period as a "depression." >>

I just realized that Feynman was born in 1918, meaning he was in his early 20's at the start of the project.


Lot of great men born at the end of great conflicts!

I heard someone is born when the USSR fell... : D

Born into a new world that learned from errors of the past.

- a new world where *some people learned from errors of the past. : P

Good point. I have hope that more people can learn from errors of the past.

I see lot of people not willing to learn/understand what happened by some kind of fear that it will make them like their parents or grand parents were. On my opinion, this attitude is the best way to reproduce the same errors again and again.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it and learn the hard way.

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