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Classic S.F. restaurants being remade for the modern era - SFGate

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Each of these projects - and others - are slightly different, but all have the same goal: bringing an old-timer into the modern era.

They also all have new owners. One reason is because of the Bay Area real estate boom.

As landlords seek higher rents, many of the older owners can't - or don't want to - afford the jump in rent, yet are attached to their restaurants. Potential new owners who are committed to preserving as much of the soul of the place as possible often stand a better chance of closing the sale.

It sounds like in some cases old and new are working together?

That would make me much happier than losing the old. 

In general, I find this approach is the best segue, for anything that you are trying to reconcile/replace, but moreso for things having to do with LAND, PLACE and SPACE, which have a kind of deep, tribal and communal memory attached (memory of architecture/architecture of memory).  Not ALWAYS the case, as sometimes a brand new something is the best course to rid of the old bad juju.

Even when you think about how this is applied in tech/design - UI is often best executed when modeled after a pre-existing/familiar/intuitive action >> Legacy, and the Kernel. Of course, Windows has needed a complete rebuild for years.. haha.  Here's hoping for that RTxWP hybrid.

Good points.

I'm interested to see if the new owners can thrive given how expensive the rent is.

With this much capital investment, architectural planning, heritage name recognition, and early press, they better.  The ones with culinary pedigree will do just fine, esp in today's SF climate of food renaissance and elitism.  Though who knows when the bubble will burst again.  I was told that Bubble 1.0 was exemplified by the number of new restaurants, and there are a plethora of new ones in the past 2 years.  

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