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The Limitations of 'Liking' - Technology - The Atlantic Wire

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Interesting discussion of that awkward "like" step.

Sharing things on social media that you don't necessarily feel positive towards can be tricky when you're limited to a "like" button... Anyways, be sure to click through to Erik's comment and "like" it! (Or just plain old reply.)

Pandawhale's choice of "Props" is quite lovely in this regard. "Heart" and "+" seem so derivative by comparison. What other forms of "ACK" are out there?

Or there's those keyboard keystroke malware programs that give people happy faces the more they type. 

There are Twitter STARS and Tumblr HEARTS.

I'm still not quite sure what LIKE means.

Does it mean I like something, or that I like like it?

Then there were those awkward "like" responses to Steve Jobs passing, for example. Then I'm all, like, OMG, stab me in the heart, why don't you.

Not sure if like means I like the subject of the status or the whole status!

I just liked negative news last night too. It is a weird thing to acknowledge a friend working late by liking it.

So in that case like means "I like you and your work ethic". :)

Not sure if liking a sad Facebook status shows support or if it means I like their sadness.

Thank you, Philip J. Fry.


Not sure if I hate Facebook or I hate people.

unsure Fry meme - Not sure if I hate Facebook or I hate people

The Props looks good but it's not as simple as 'Like'.

It is even hard to understand at first sight for someone whose first language is not English.

Aren't there simpler alternatives to 'props'?

There's a lot of news stories out there that have a "See what our readers thing. This story makes me feel..." happy, sad, exhilarated, bored, excited, worried, angry, etc.

I see it from time to time, but I can never figure out which newspaper it was or what company does it. I think it was the Philly enquirer or something, but may have seen it on the online LA times.

I thought that feedback system was awesome.

Well, we could replace Props with the Smile / Wink / Surprised / Sad emoticons of Path.

Props is meant to convey respect for the comment.

You give someone Props if they expressed something well.

But I will think about it. Even replacing Props with a Heart might be an improvement.

Akshully, MY point was that I really like appreciate "props."

Here's my reasoning: I think it elevates the discussion. There's a lot of thinkin' going on here at PandaWhale. That's why it's worth the time. "Props" is as simple to deliver as a "like." I believe (or at least wikipedia tells me so) that "Props" comes from the notion of giving proper respect. It's as if the giver were to tip a hat to the recipient. Maybe it does seem a little more erudite, but hey, it's also an indication of the more serious level of discussion -- even as we have some fun.

If I were to make any suggestion for change, it would be to highlight that difference, perhaps in a separate discussion or page of its own and... well.. a little graphics work. That stuff can come later. I think the concept is more important right now, and I do think "props" is good positioning for the PandaWhale.

Growing up, I remember Winston cigarettes creating conversation but using the poor grammar of their slogan "Tastes good like a cigarette should" (instead of "as a cigarette should") to establish themselves as regular folks. Quoting from wikipedia again  ("props," Jimmy Wales!)

The deliberate use of "like" rather than "as" was provided by the William Esty Ad Agency, and the overall campaign was directed by Esty executives Wendell Adams and Arline Lunny, Lunny serving as producer/director of most of the visual and recording production related to the campaign in its initial years.

Thank you Barbara!

Agreed that our graphics must be improved.

Trying to figure out the right feeling and emotion for Props is hard.

I'm open to suggestions.

You're right to take your time. Concept first, graphics are execution.

Well, if you do have any ideas, I'm open to them.

Props are now hearts. Let's see what happens from here.

Or you can do the catch-22 thing with feathers and blackeyes....

Feathers and blackeyes?

How about something like a silhouette of a bowing guy tipping his hat. Something like a silhouette of a Planters peanut-like guy, doing a respectful bow and hat tip.

Barbara I like that! Mr. Peanut in a respectful bow is always a good idea.

A respectful hat tip, my good sir.

Colonel Cathcart nightly makes lists of "feathers in his cap" and "black eyes", often finding something in the former category is in fact in the latter one, considering all the possible ways in which his superiors could react to them.

Pretty heart, I'll grant you that. I think my core thesis is that the + / - attribute is an opportunity to differentiate and position your territory with PandaWhale.  The search for the metaphor is therefore more than about icons. To me the respectful tone of "proper respect" a hat tip or a feather seemed appropriate. The black eye would even raise the ante a bit. 

Respectfully, I'll submit that the heart is, well, too ordinary for the Panda. 

With a deep bow and tip 'o the hat...

Driving around for a quick errand got me thinking further about the opportunity to use the love to position PandaWhale.  To the extent that the Panda and the Killer Whale are both black and white, have you thought about metaphors that pick up on b/w like 

- b/w stripped shirt of a goal keeper signaling a goal- white feather in a black top hat (tipped)- black eyeetc... red heart... well, it breaks the thin black line for me.All in the service of the panda and the whale.

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