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Four Barriers That MOOCs Must Overcome To Build a Sustainable Model | e-Literatee-Literate

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The current generation of courses has proven the feasibility of massive online enrollments, but the Kolowich article reveals that the result is based on a form of adult continuing education. The majority of students in the Udacity and Coursera courses analyzed were professionals in the software industry – hardly the target audience for those seeking a change in how we educate postsecondary students. The current MOOCs provide a nice proof-of-concept, but hardly solve significant educational problems.

So what are the barriers that must be overcome for the MOOC concept (in future generations) to become self-sustaining? To me the most obvious barriers are:

Developing revenue models to make the concept self-sustaining;

Delivering valuable signifiers of completion such as credentials, badges or acceptance into accredited programs;

Providing an experience and perceived value that enables higher course completion rates (most today have less than 10% of registered students actually completing the course); and

Authenticating students in a manner to satisfy accrediting institutions or hiring companies that the student identify is actually known.


Good breakdown of the challenges of why changing education is hard.

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