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Better, by Kamal Ravikant | Founder Zen

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"The truth is that the experience of going within and sharing our gifts, they transform us.  We can never go back to where we once were.  We may slide, sure, but the person sliding is not the person who’d been down there before."  

A lot to think about here. 

This is not just true for founders -- it's true for all people. We can never go back!

We can only go forward.

Kamal says:

What life – from my current understanding – really is: a journey of being better and better and better.

I believe the Japanese word for continual improvement is kaizen.

It is kaizen. You are correct. Nate Miyaki uses that in his new book if you haven't seen it: "The Way of the Cancer Warrior: 34 Strategies for Your Cancer War." Great book. Can send you a copy. It's not just about cancer, though he wrote it as a tribute to his dad's fight. It's truly universal...uses much of the Musashi and Zen philosophy I love to study. Amazing and universal...There's a section about kaizen. 

There's also a Japanese concept called "shu,ha,ri" Basically, you learn something and you have to practice it, attend to it. Shu. Ha is when it becomes comfortable. And ri is autopilot, like driving to work. That's where we generally let down our attention, but things flow better. We've emptied our cup, in essence. At "ri" we need to fill it again, to push ourselves to the next level, where we're right back at shu. It's a continual cycle. Has to be or life has no meaning. 

Part of ri is also coaching and mentoring others I believe.

As it should be. If we keep our gifts for ourselves, they dry up and become useless. It's only through the act of giving  and passing on our own truths that we can keep the cycle moving. I think it's just as much for us as it is the other person...the relationship makes both sides grow. 

Shu, Ha, Ri. I shall practice it!

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