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Edgarton is considered the Father/pioneer/innovator in Stroboscopic Photography.  Rightly so that he was a professor/researcher at MIT.

Too bad this was not available for the vast majority of human history.

Too bad what was not available - (Stroboscopic) Photography, or this Brief History exposition?  Not sure what the aim of your statement is; it's like saying "too bad smartphones were not available to cavemen" or "too bad electricity wasn't available for the vast majority of human history."

Technically the capability to capture multiple exposures on a single negative/plate/screen has existed since the photographic process has existed (since it is merely the manipulation/tracking of light through a geometric opening), but the principles and concept of artificial light and therefore multiple additive flash simply weren't clarified until at least electricity was invented, and even at those times, it was not exactly economically simple to experiment with.  It took a scientist like Edgerton (as did all developments/knowledge of optics throughout human history) to fully invent/assemble the mechanical studio tools and explore the process.

The Camera Obscura was conceived of in the time of Aristotle (apparently?), but wasn't physically perfected until at least Giambattista della Porta, who conceived of the convex lens akin to the human eye.


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