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The toll of the anti-vaccination movement, in one devastating graphic -

 Council on Foreign Relations interactive map of "vaccine-preventable outbreaks" worldwide 2008-2014The toll of the anti vaccination movement in one devastating graphic latimes com

Measles outbreaks (purple) worldwide and whooping cough (green) in the U.S., thanks in part to the anti-vaccination movement. (Council on Foreign Relations)


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Vaccine panic also plays a role in the shocking incidence in the U.S. of whooping cough, also beatable by a common vaccine. Researchers have pointed to the effect of "non-medical exemptions" from legally required whooping cough immunizations -- those premised on personal beliefs rather than medical reasons -- as a factor in a 2010 outbreak of whooping cough in California.

The lesson of all this is that vaccination is not an individual choice to be made by a parent for his or her own offspring. It's a public health issue, because the diseases contracted by unvaccinated children are a threat to the community. 

Carroll, who assembles the relevant papers and documents on the MMR/Autism sophistry here, deserves the last word. "Vaccinate your kids," he writes. "Please."

Reminds me of the (well-intentioned and conscious) ignorance by faith-based healing advocates.

>> 2013-14: Sentencing of the Schaibles over 2nd child death

>> 2014: Reality show snake-handling preacher dies -- of snakebite

So, whom do you want to trust with the "decision" to immunize you . . . and your kids? The federal government? Be serious. Did you know that NO ONE has really studied the cumulative effects of the almost SEVENTY recommended immunizations recommended for children today? 40 years ago, there were about 23 recommended. Get educated and don't set up a religious straw man, man! Thinking and informed religious and non-religious people see the facts. Watch this and see:

True.  I generally trust diversity of opinion, research, and people who know more than me.Information is power, but factual information, in this case, is life. Thus ignorance, in this case, is death... 

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