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The Incredible Shrinking iphone


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My iphone 5 is in pretty good shape.  The last couple of days it started not hooking up to my car speaker and finally yesterday  the screen took on a pinkish tint.   When computers do that, it's time to get a new one.  

I restarted it a couple times.  I plugged it into itunes and it tells me I need to upgrade from 7.0.4 to 7.0.6.  Okay, no problems.  First try, second try, third try, driver crash.  Hmmm.  It now tells me I need to reset it to factory, three more tries and I am back at factory.  Two more tries at attempting to recover the phone from backup.    It restores it, but all my 10 pages of perfectly laid out icons are missing and being re-arranged. 

Thank you Apple.   What a waste of a couple of productive hours. 

An of course, the final insult to injury salt in the wounds.  The "Welcome to ios7" email message. 

I've suffered the layout reset too! Is it that hard for Apple to preserve order?

The bigger issue if course is: can't an iPhone last at least 2 years?

It seems to be slowly reloading all the apps.  It's at 45 minutes, 55 out of 104.  I think once it got past the initial reload, it's putting the apps in the right spot so far. 

Okay, now it's on to music.  This is sort of ironic.  Syncing 42 out of 420 "We care a lot"\

Now it's on to movies.  I probably should have unchecked those if I had the chance.  I really don't need an HD copy of Life of Pi loaded on my phone today when I'm already running really late for work, but I'm terrified of what would happen if I cancel it....

Yeah, I'm always afraid to stop mid sync too.

What ever happened to Faith No More?

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