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Samsung Galaxy S5 offers 4k Video Capture

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Another highlight of the Galaxy S5 is the new camera, which now offers 16 megpixels on the rear – and video capture of 4k resolution (even though the screen on the device itself can only manage 1080p, or one quarter of that). The Galaxy S5 isn’t the first phone announced to have 4K video capture capabilities, but it is part of a limited early group, and that’s something that might be more appealing to consumers now that 4K TVs are becoming more affordable and consumers are looking around for content sources: at this rate, home videos could beat broadcast TV to the punch.

A lot more 4k video content will be uploaded to YouTube later this year.

And what does it look like?  You'll never know without a 4k monitor!!  Even Youtube's 4k videos only let you download them in 720p.   You have to select "Original" resolution in the settings.

Well there's no sense in YouTube transmitting in 4k if the screen can't handle it.

But you make a good point -- I will remember to check my settings!

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