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Why Elon Musk should be Apple's next CEO - The Week

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The risk for Apple is that the continued success of the company's Jobs-era products may be slowing Apple's desire to really innovate. Under Cook, Apple's hardware and software has become even sleeker, thinner, and sexier. But there has been no real push into new territory. While that might be profitable in the short term, in the long run that approach is stagnating.

To reverse this trend, Apple should look for an innovator in the mold of Jobs, a risk taker with a bold and distinct vision of the future, and a track record of bringing revolutionary products to market. Elon Musk can build Apple's computing and interface technology into new product areas — space technology, self-driving vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and renewable energy (and those are just Musk's current interests). Fundamentally, Musk and Apple complement each other quite well. Apple (like Microsoft before it) has a massive pile of cash, which it is struggling to invest, and Musk has a massive pile of futuristic visions to bring to market. Siri and iOS in self-driving electric cars? A solar-powered iPhone? 3D printed modular workstations? A Siri interface on an asteroid mining spaceship? Hand, meet glove.

He's got my vote.

Do you HAVE a vote?  :)

What will it take to make this happen?