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A Recipe for Disaster

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Drinks named after natural disasters....that is.

I feel the earth ... move ... under mah feet:

9. Earthquake (Tremblement de Terre) 

Is it the New Madrid fault causing the ground to shift under your feet -- or is it this absinthe cocktail purportedly invented byToulouse-Lautrec? We motion to redub this modern take the "Boobquake" in honor of, you know, feminism.

1 oz. absinthe

1 oz. gin

1 oz. bourbon

Fill a collins glass about one-quarter full with ice. Add absinthe, then gin, then bourbon. Stir with a straw -- or shake, if preferred -- and serve. (


Is there a drink called a Polar Vortex?

I'm sure a good Ben and Jerry's Core with bourbon instead of peanut butter fudge would do the trick. 

ben and jerry core

That'll work.  Brilliantly.

We gotta get good at hollowing out those centers so we can pour bourbon in!

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