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Shark Tank bamboo paper towels are reusable : Bambooee

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Bambooee Reusable paper towel products made from real bamboo

You can get a 3-pack of reusable paper towels for just $10:

An 8-pack of the sweeps also costs $10:

Every time you buy their products, they plant a tree:

So far 50,000 trees have been planted. Cool.

Or you could mosey on down to Walmart/Target and get a 6-pack of dish towels for $10 on sale, and reuse them like 100 times too.

Also I use paper towels for stuff I actually want to throw away, like the grease in a pan after I fry chicken in it. If you wash a towel with that stuff, it just goes down the sewer where you don't want it.

Stick to what you know, Panda, which is obviously NOT house cleaning. :p

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