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Done! "Decisions are temporary so make the call and move on"

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Sometimes it can be hard to make decisions when many factors are involved. I thought this was helpful:

"Done. Start to think of it as a magical word. When you get to done it means something's been accomplished. A decision has been made and you can move on. Done means you're building momentum.

But wait, what if you screw up and make the wrong call? It's ok. This isn't brain surgery, it's a web app. As we keep saying, you'll likely have to revisit features and ideas multiple times during the process anyway. No matter how much you plan you're likely to get half wrong anyway. So don't do the "paralyis through analysis" thing. That only slows progress and saps morale."

Tim, I've gotten in that mode sometimes: Let's stop going back and forth, and just decide something.

Because deciding anything is better than no decision at all.

And more importantly, it makes for progress.

Because you're right, you can always go back and change later.

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