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The Risk in Speaking Up | ashe dryden

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I think these points apply to all insulated groups.

Truth. The Internet has (unfortunately) made it easier than ever for mobs of people to bully others:

What do we risk speaking up?Being a person in the minority and/or challenging the way things have always been comes with a lot of risks. We weigh these risks everytime we speak out: "choose your battles", "is this really worth it?", "what will I gain from this?", "how will this hurt me in the long run?" are all things that regularly go through our minds.

A taste of some of the risks we open ourselves up to include the following:

Financial and Professional

  • losing a job for views deemed controversial to your employer's customer base
  • failing to get a job because of the very thing you are speaking out against, for fear you may ruffle feathers, be difficult to work with, or will attract unwanted attention to yourself or the company
  • being labeled as a trouble maker, angry, or fringe
  • being seen as a risk to an employer, conference organizer, or any group that relies on the financial support of customers or members that do not hold equality in the same esteem that you do

Social Risk

  • distancing friends and colleagues who are afraid to be ostracized or seen in the light detractors may see you in out of fear for their financial, professional, and social safety
  • alienating people that otherwise enjoy your company because they'd rather not be exposed to the depressing reality of many people's lives

Physical and Emotional Risks

  • receiving physical threats of violence, whether or not the person would actually act on them
  • receiving threats toward your public, professional, or social image
  • physical assault or confrontation
  • receiving messages with abusive language
  • doxxingDDoSing, etc
  • harassment of friends, family, and acquaintances in your name

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