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"Marketing" Is the Wrong Term, It's "Branding" That We Do | Al Ries - Advertising Age

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Picking up on the discussion from Seth Godin's blog about Marketing is another perspective, this time from Positioning pioneer, Al Ries. In this article from last year in Ad Age he rolls the many functions of marketing into their objective goal in establishing the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Al Ries is the guy that wrote the pioneering books on Positioning in the early 1970's. He usually comes back to the position the brand is able to establish in the consumer's mind. In this piece he explains why the path to profitability is usually paved by branding:

Over the past few decades, it's become apparent that there's a better word to describe what today is called the "marketing" function -- "branding." I expect that in the future a CMO will become a CBO, chief branding officer.

Why not? Branding has become his or her most important role. In addition, there's a new approach many companies are using that dramatizes the importance of the brand. I call it: Branding first, sales and profits second. If you can build a brand, then you should be able to figure out a way to turn that brand into a profitable enterprise.

In another piece published today in a smaller blog he talks about rebranding, Rule No. 1: Go back to basics.

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