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Great problem finding for great conflict resolution

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To save this post, select a stash from drop-down menu or type in a new one: often it's looking at something another way that leads to "a-ha" moments!  Interesting study, too...

With conflict resolution I like how Tammy Lenski frames it, “How is the way we’re framing this problem limiting the solutions available to us?” and “What are other interesting ways we can frame the problem we’re trying to resolve?” and “How can we re-frame this problem as an opportunity?

Hmmm. Can all problems be seen as opportunities?

I don't know.  I think yes looking forward if we can learn from what has happened.

I think all problems have at least one of the following opportunities:

1. Opportunities to learn.

2. Opportunities to change.

3. Opportunities to connect.

4. Opportunities to challenge assumptions.

5. Opportunities to invite others to be part of the solution.

Well put!  I like it.  :o)

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