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Human waste shuts down BART escalators - SFGate

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"When work crews pulled open a broken BART escalator at San Francisco's Civic Center Station last month, they found so much human excrement in its works they had to call a hazardous-materials team."

I've been wondering what that smell was everytime I walk to work...guess I'll be taking another exit now

Good idea, Charley.

Meanwhile, I cannot believe how much shit is in my Scatology stash.

This is going to be REAAAAALLLLY controversial and some might rage at me for saying it.. but...

BART should be billing this cleanup to the homeless shelters, so-called 'advocacy' groups, and 2-bit SROs which operate in the Tenderloin & Mid Market.

SF is arguably the wealthiest city in the Western Hemisphere, with MASSIVE housing, office, and retail rental shortages, and property values and rents are only marginally cheaper in the Loin/MM area than in adjacent, cleaner, neighborhoods. In other words, there is absolutely no economic reason for that area to be the cesspool it is.... except for the homeless shelters, so-called 'advocacy' groups, and 2-bit SROs which operate there.

Yes they provide needed services to the poor, homeless, and mentally ill of San Francisco... and that's why they're there.

THAT IS WHY THEY ARE THERE. Ponder that for a minute. That is why they are there .

By any economic measure, that area should have fully gentrified in the late 90s along with the rest of the city, but why hasn't it? The city has revised city zoning at least twice since 1998, and has barely touched the area.. why?

My theory is this: because the advocacy groups and other political interests need to keep the Loin ghetto in order to keep the donation income flowing from their limousine liberal benefactors. They need to be _seen_ to be compassionate so they need to maintain a "Boutique Ghetto" easily visible from Nob Hill and the Financial District high rises.. and it is a boutique ghetto ... it's what 6-8 square blocks... really? East Oakland, North Philly, West Philly, Detroit are all ghettos far larger than all of San Francisco. The supes could clean up the Tenderloin and Mid Market AT WILL and could have just as easily done so 15 years ago.

Any other city would have.

And this quote hit me, regarding Facebook's business model: "You Are The Product, Not The Customer; Don't Be Fooled"

Those poor people down there, homeless, junkies, mentally ill... they're the product... they're being exploited. don't be fooled.

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