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Conversation with Snowden at #sxsw #SXSnowden

#sxsw #SXSnowden "Our communications are not secure. Our telephone calls, emails, texts, and web browsing activity are largely transmitted without any encryption, making it easy for governments to intercept them, in bulk. Likewise, the mobile devices, apps, and web browsers that we use do not protect our data. In many cases, they intentionally give it to third party companies as part of the sprawling online advertising ecosystem. This only makes the NSA's task easier" States SXSW

off course working with technologists I knew for a long time that we never ever had end point protection, safety or privacy rights in the digital age, we use technology devices and Internet technology platforms and someone or entities are in control of our information and our data is always being compromised, many companies use our information for monetary gains and one would state, it is purely business we live in the digital age so communication is important and without communication we can't function in our everyday lives.,and you thinking millions don't have Internet access or devices!!! I speak on behalf of many innocent humanity honestly do we have any end point protection or safety rights on our devices?

Today a virtual conference took place between Edward Snowden and Christopher Soghoian, the American Civil Liberties Union’s principal technologist, focused on the impact of the NSA's spying efforts on the technology community, and the ways in which technology can help to protect us from mass surveillance. The conversation moderated by Ben Wizner, who is director of the ACLU's Speech, Privacy & Technology Project and Edward Snowden’s legal advisor.  On their invitation site it states: “Just as technology has enabled our modern surveillance state, so too can technology protect us ( and from my point of view how is my question and what is the solution and from what I understand information technology can't fix this issue global users) as they state:  regular users cannot make privacy-preserving tools themselves. The technology industry and the tech community can and must do more to secure the private data of the billions of people who rely on the tools and services that we build” (I AGREE and have been asking for this help myself with a group of people I know in the cyber security sector)

“Edward Snowden’s revelations have launched a historic debate about surveillance practices and democratic controls, in which all three branches of government are actively and publicly engaging. But the technology community has too often been left out of the debate. It’s time to fix that” states 

Video is nasty - off course I know why LOL..done live event many times and anyways it gives you an idea what was said at the conference. 

Snowden reiterated that “encryption works.” “We need to think of it not as an arcane dark art but as basic protection,” he said, asking the audience to think about not only implementing it, but researching and improving encryption for tomorrow’s threats.

Soghoian emphasized that better encryption and security is important not just in the context of thwarting mass surveillance by governments. “It’s to protect us from hackers at Starbucks, stalkers, identity thieves and common criminals,” he said. Given that the disclosures have led Yahoo to enable SSL and Google to identify weak spots in the information transfers in its data centers, we can already say that “Snowden’s disclosures have improved Internet security,” said Soghoian.

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So basically:

1. Nobody protects our data, so

2. The only things you can do are get off the grid or not put any sensitive stuff on any of your devices.

But what if there were companies that could protect your /our data??? this is a long conversation we could have over the telephone one day or online.  Adam, hope all is well with you. I was in the hospital for a surgery and not been around catching up. 

RE: TED Conference...another point of view and off course I never went to the Ted conference .. I guess I don't have that big bank account.  This chap made his point of view heard.  NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett argued that Snowden, hailed as a hero by many for exposing the vast scope of the National Security Agency's online snooping, had done a disservice to whistleblowers.

Ledgett was addressing the TED ideas conference through a hastily arranged videolink after Snowden, in a rare appearance from his Russian hideaway, had appeared in similar fashion two days earlier.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange gave a rare talk via video at annual tech mega-conference SXSW, where he came out swinging not only at President Obama but also Google and Facebook. Assange claimed that in the Obama administration, the intelligence agencies “wear the pants” and he called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as part of “an unprecedented theft of wealth.”

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