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Louis C.K.'s Explanation of Why He Hates Smartphones Is Sad, Brilliant

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sadness as, ultimately, a gateway to resulting happiness, 

using the feeling of loneliness; and digital connectivity as a means for deflection from confrontation; as an anecdote to illustrate

A smartphone is just a tool. People have to take ownership of what they use the tool for.

coincidentally, this comment debate on CK's statements has proven very interesting to read:


| You're kidding, right?? This is a guy who just equated being alone as sadness... welp, I guess that means of all these times I've gone on kayak & canoe constitutionals for weeks on end all by myself that I was just fucking sad! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

|You can't claim it's as black and white as "you just are or are not alone". The "alone" he's referring to is loneliness, not the absence of others, as you allude to at the end of your sentence. Being by ones self is not inherently sad, but loneliness is. C.K. is suggesting at the very moment a smartphone over-user feels the pang of on-setting loneliness, they will deflect their emotions by averting their eyes and mind to their phone, be it in the middle of that packed office party, or alone in a bathroom stall or automobile.

| First of all, drop the bullshit, you ain't slick enough to slide that crap past me. "C.K." wasn't talking about overuse addiction, he was just being a fogie bitching about newfangled things that became ubiquitous far more faster than TV ever did during his far past youthful prime. It's just humanity as per usual, a Pavlovian disconnectivity.

And second, don't be fucking stupid, loneliness isn't just inherently sad! What the fuck‽ Loneliness can also come out of just about anything, from adrenalin-based fear when you look around 700' up the cliff-face soaking in your solitude to the unrequited pining for that strange unknown girl down the hall in 14A that you pass by & "bump into" during her Thursday laundry-room time. Seriously, please think some before the next time you type to me, I'd appreciate that.

| No, it means you're an entitled neo-hippie. Who the hell has weeks to just drop all responsibilities and dick around on a river? Who are you, Tom fucking Sawyer? Most people don't have the luxuries required to undertake such an excursion, pal

|No he didn't. He treated something like recognizing one's ultimate metaphysical insignificance (using "meaningless and alone" as shorthand) as a path to making profound sadness useful. He specifically talks about the liberating and uplifting aspect of reflecting on, recognizing and coming to terms with a world infused with groundless meaning. He specifically talks about how just "sitting there" as being a necessary component of being "a person." Your kayak trips are exactly in line with CK's worldview.  

| he did not equate solitude to sadness. he said that solitude allows you to experience sadness, because you cannot distract yourself with shallow communication. he has a very good point, ubiquitous communication through digital social networks allows us to dodge the moments of selfreflection. and being able to selfreflect is a vital part of building a healthy personality - his fear that youths avoid it because it is uncomfortable is understandable.

Good rant. Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

Connecting with others is an important part of life. Make the tools work for you, not against you.

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