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Humanistic Geopolitics

Conversion religion

With everyday another unwinding of the societal fabric across the world, I offer a different view of geopolitics. 

Starting with a question. 

Have you ever tried to or known someone that successfully convert to a different religion?

It is extremely difficult if not impossible.  The other day at the Tibetan temple a convert came in with ash on his forehead. The Jewish-Christian members can never cease talking about God. 

What does that have to do with geopolitics?

Can you convert a capitalist to communism, or communist to capitalist? 

For some reason Christians and capitalists feel they can convert the masses. They see evidence of their superiority at every turn. Specifically here they they have preached the "open market" reform of China and post soviet Russia and the winning of the Cold War. 

The only problem is that this is not true. The Soviet Russians are still the same as are the Chinese as are the Monarchs and Despots.....and Americans and Europeans and.....

Have Americans even met a communist? Sure McCarthy was on the hunt but I have met very few that understand the core beliefs. To note, I am a Buddhist socialist. Which means all religions are fine and there are private markets and public ownership and regulation. 

Since I do not think people can be converted to the middle way, here is what I think happens. 

Near term communists wipe out capital markets. Why? Because it a geopolitical market apocalypse is a necessary condition for their beliefs to be realized. Capitalism must fail, a period of hard fisted control and communist development.  If China and Russia fail in their capitalist reforms, they achieve their goals. They took the western money and said, see it does not work. 

The capitalists while investing and promoting the conversion, they still want the societies to fail. The convert must fully repent and knell before the new gods. 

Christians speak all the time of the end days and half the movies are zombie hunger games children save dystopia secular hell. 

You probably don't know this but many Buddhists have their own apocalyptic stories. We live in the "dark age" and at the end days a new Buddha appears and we find the Pure Land. (I don't take this view.) The Kalachakra (which HHDL is the master) is a practice for world peace but that peace comes from eventual war of Buddhism, Islam, judeo-Christian. Spoiler alert Buddha wins. 

Which brings me back to conversion. The act is a kind of zero sum game. I get merit but you just give up your self. 

The Jehovah's Witnesses have the belief that there is a limited number of spots in heaven and yet their job is to convert others.  I ask one once at my door if I convert don't I lower your odds of getting to heaven? They said no, because it is already set. To which I replied then why should I help you?

These end days wrathful destruction of non believers stories are as old as human thought. However the gods have not carried it out. Could they? Maybe who knows? But what we do know is we have the technology and economic systems in place to commit suicide. 

I purposefully left out the libertarian scientific atheist Crypo freaks that cheer for the end as well. What happens to BitCoin if the networks get fried? 

The nature of conversion is everything is going to end, so follow me and you will be ok don't worry about that end thing because you will have a better beginning and if not, well I will be better because of my act of converting you. 

We are entering another crossroads and in this generation or next or next if we do not renounce the idea of conversion and the joy of dystopian apocalypse no God is going to save us. 

This is a PSA from your friendly bodhisattva.  




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Wow. I had no idea Buddhists have apocalyptic stories, too.


Here is the "leader" of Tibet between the 13th and 14th Dalai Lama. He was killed in prison in 1947. The man he is blessing ends up a SS war criminal that was part of "experiments" at the death camps. His name was Bruno Berger and he lived a full life dying in 2009.

Here is the  "last testament" of the 13th.  The world looks at 14th with infectious smile and gentle way and the faithful claim all negative views are Chinese propaganda.  It is and it is not. Life is not that clearly defined.

So what will the 14th have achieved in his lifetime?

Hopefully he achieves being the last Dalai Lama. 

Is there anything he needs to do besides declare that he is the last?

CNN poll on Russia, 

According to the poll, 69% of Americans say they see Russia as threat to the U.S.

Which is strange. What did Russia do to the U.S., exactly?

Lost a 1980 hockey game?

Bottom line they protect Iran.  That is fatal in the rapture crowds. 

USA has given 190 billion to Israel since 1950. The nuts go on about Ezekiel 38 and the destruction of Russia and the enemies of Israel. 

By provoking Russia there are new rules anymore.  They crushed Cyprus (Russia's off shore bank), Syria is a wasteland.  The neocons were already pushing on Iran today and Fox printing stories about Iranian hijacking plane to destroy Israel. 

We are "ruled" by lunatics.  Then the lunatics truthers go off the rails and nobody believes anything. All criticism become "conspiracy"

It is insanity. 


It is insanity. I hope cooler heads prevail.

Some of us never wanted to go to Iraq or Afghanistan in the first place!

It is a bitch having to get up every Sunday morning and talk about how others need to kill other people. Exhausting to be sure. 

The latest work on "moral injury" of war out of San Diego is world altering. Huff post is doing Multi part article on it.  

Congress can't even get people confirmed but money and soldiers can take a few minutes.   

In Buddhist theory having someone kill for you is the worst karmic act act and assures you a spot in the lowest hell realm. 

Meanwhile in Israel,  budgeting for Iran war.

Those that use astrology (and they do as crazy as it sounds) think April 23ish is an excellent day for lunacy. 

Meanwhile in China south seas while no one is looking.

Oy, what a mess.

The unwind continues. 

Jerusalem is in serious trouble.  This is the key apocalyptic event for believers. 

The fall of Jerusalem? Or the reuniting of Iraq and Syria?

Fall of Jerusalem.  They believe that the west "turns its back" on Israel and its people get slaughtered. 

 20% of Israel is Arab  1.5 million in Israel alone.  

You cannot control a million people with nothing to lose.  

The US is bound to protect Israel from foreign but can do nothing if the fall is internal.    

It's all playing out like a slow motion train wreck.

Can't kick 1.5 million people out but can't live with them. Something's gotta give.

Today is when is genocide permissible.  Wtf? And "we tortured some folk."

Genocide is not just permissible -- it happens regularly.

One year ago. 

Near term communists wipe out capital markets. Why? Because it a geopolitical market apocalypse is a necessary condition for their beliefs to be realized. Capitalism must fail, a period of hard fisted control and communist development.  If China and Russia fail in their capitalist reforms, they achieve their goals. They took the western money and said, see it does not work. 


Their economies take a significant hit too.

Is it worth it to them to hurt their economies just to show that capitalism doesn't work?

They are absolutely f'n the Fed by liquidation of us treasuries

China realizes finance is a weapon in wars (most wars) you take casualties.  

Publicly traded state owned equities makes no sense.  If stocks go to zero they still own them, and they made cash when they sold and cash off treasuries. 

If you are planing to run, you would cash out  and hide the reserves 

China will be closed up and walled off inside 2 years. 

Neither a importer or exporter be.  They are self sustainable (may take martial law) unlike any other nation. 

If that's the worst case scenario, it's sobering.

What's the best case scenario?

Best case is a truce.  China is not going to improve on individual human rights.  Islamic nations are not going to emancipate women. 

The USA is not going to solve gun and race violence ...

The USA has no moral high ground to expand NATO or "pivot" to Asia and express power.   What we have is a reserve currency. 

Russia, Middle East and China all have different motivations but one threat.  They will not fight direct wars unless they are attacked but cyber and financial are ongoing.  Those operations are cheap and effective.  

What is the military response to attack on markets?

I think the military has not figured out a good response to that. 

Even the Fed's only weapon seems to be to reduce interest rates and print lots of dollars. 

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