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Fun facts about The Incredibles

incredibles we survived but were dead gif Imgur


Bird conceived the idea while he was still working at Warner Brothers. Pixar courted Bird since 1995, hoping he would help work on A Bug's Life. He later joined the Pixar team only after Warners failed to properly promote his film, The Iron Giant.

Bird claimed he was partially inspired by Jim Steranko's "Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD" books.


Googie is the 50's space age style used in bowling alleys and diners of the era.

Another form of Googie was the Tiki architecture featured on Nomanisan Island.



The name was changed because the champagne maker wouldn't allow the rights for the usage of his name.



This scene mimics a similar scene from the Die Hard film starring Jackson, the voice of Frozone, in identical circumstances.

Incredibles mr freeze gif Imgur 8T51XXl

The real Sansweet also appears uncredited in The Phantom Menace.


Vowell had never acted before and in order to convince her to take the part, Pixar animated one of her radio segments and sent it to her.

Incredibles I said shut up gif Imgur


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Also, when the Incredibles are under cover, their fake name is "parr", like "par" which means average.

The Incredibles become the averages.

Even average, we have the rule:

no capes gif Imgur

I love this gif.

Bird casted Sarah Vowell to voice Violet after hearing her talk on "This American Life." - Imgur

i love this gif too!  

she's saying: "shut up you little insect!" 

crazy how "you little insect" requires such subtle mouth animation.

Yes! There are do many subtleties of animation that I'm only now starting to appreciate. 

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