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Snowden Leak Revealed "NSA has the ability and to covertly hack potentially millions of computers"

The National Security Agency is expanding its ability to covertly hack into computers across the world by infecting machines with sophisticated "malware," according to a report from The Intercept. It is reporting a latest revelations from Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Gallagher expose the spy agency’s plans to hack millions of computers states the report The program enables the NSA to break into millions of computers and parse data from foreign networks The malware implants being used were once reserved for a select number hard-to-reach targets, but the program has since been expanded on a large scale. " In one man-on-the-side technique, codenamed QUANTUMHAND, the agency disguises itself as a fake Facebook server. When a target attempts to log in to the social media site, the NSA transmits malicious data packets that trick the target’s computer into thinking they are being sent from the real Facebook. By concealing its malware within what looks like an ordinary Facebook page, the NSA is able to hack into the targeted computer and covertly siphon out data from its hard drive. A top-secret animation demonstrates the tactic in action full story  

report from The Intercept


Snowden leak: NSA plans to infect 'millions' of computers

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It's not just the NSA that creates malware that infects machines and steals data.

There are also other bad guys in the world who do the same thing.

Absolutely agree with you 

The recent leaks published at Glenn Greenwald's new home, The Intercept, detailed the NSA's spread of malware around the world, with a stated goal of sabotaging "millions" of computers. As was noted then, the NSA hadn't issued a comment. The GCHQ, named as a co-conspirator, had already commented, delivering the usual spiel about legality, oversight and directives -- a word salad that has pretty much replaced "no comment" in the intelligence world.

It makes sense that the NSA won't comment on this. Anything they say will just make them look worse.

Mark Zuckerberg Called Obama to Lecture Him About Privacy. Apparently It Did Not Go Well.  The U.S. government risks undermining people's trust in the Internet if it keeps invading their privacy, warns Mark Zuckerberg, who ought to know. The U.S. government risks undermining people's trust in the Internet if it keeps invading their privacy, warns Mark Zuckerberg, who ought to know.In a status update Thursday, the Facebooker-in-chief reports that he called up President Obama himself to complain about fresh reports of government spying. He didn’t explain just what it was that set him off, but it may have been this report by Glenn Greenwald and former Future Tense-er Ryan Gallagher, which alleges that the NSA posed as a Facebook server to hack into people’s hard drives. The NSA has denied this, but then, it would. Click here to read more